Hedda Krausz Sjögren is a playwright, producer and the founder of Voices.

She is currently serving as Sweden’s first Cultural Attaché to South Africa, at the Embassy of Sweden in Pretoria.


I’m a playwright and producer hovering between social entrepreneurship, arts and cultural diplomacy. 

I’ve created a performance and production concept combining documentary theatre and strategic communication, Voices. Voices is used as a tool for NGO’s, government institutions, companies and individuals to advocate for issues related to human rights.

I have worked in 30 countries, from Afghanistan to the United States, from Sweden to Nigeria, and I have put over 1000 decision makers on stage to portray human rights defenders and women’s rights activists. I also had work produced at the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

I frequently lecture, participate on panels, and consult on issues related to cultural diplomacy and the role of arts and culture in society.


As a kid I was always lost in some story or other, imagining I was a detective, a musketeer or an adventurer. As a grown up I found a way to use that imagination in my work.

People lending their voices to other people’s stories is a way to catalyze change, that is what I believe and also what I have seen as a result of the work I do.

Women have begun to speak publicly of their experiences of fighting in resistance movements after 30 years of silence reclaiming their personal history; women have dared to seek help from abusive relationships; politicians have cried and followed up with policy changes – as a result of the documentary storytelling projects that I work with.

I am always looking for ways of creating what someone called ‘sustainable compassion’.

One of the ways is to make people imagine what it is like to be someone else –  and what better way than by sharing experiences, stories, and speaking other people’s words?


  • A Story From Niassa in cooperation with Afrikagrupperna
  • Six Persons Singular
  • International documentary project on sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • War experiences in Sweden

PLAYS (a selection)



Voices provides a method for advocacy, using documentary theatre and strategic communication as key components. Voices projects address human rights and women’s rights issues and are always contextualized and implemented by local partners

More information at voicesprojects.com


  • Guest expert, Geneva Centre for Security Policy, master class & panel for Media and Arts for Peace. 2017
  • Guest speaker at Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, in the course “Media, Arts & Culture: Fuelling war or creating peace?”, January 2016
  • Panellist at the Swedish Institute: “Svenska varor och värderingar – synergi eller motsättning?”, April 2016
  • Panellist at United States Institute of Peace, Washington DC: “Catalyzing Change: Women, Media and the Arts” April, 2015
  • Panellist, Swedish Embassy in Serbia & Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro: Seminar on the Swedish Feminist Foreign Policy, March 2015
  • Moderator at Royal Dramatic Theatre, a series of post performance talks with war survivors on Nobel Prize laureate Svetlana Aleksijevitjs work. 2015
  • Member of the board, foundation Albert Bonniers 100-årsminne, literary awards to Swedish authors of fiction and non-fiction, translators and illustrators. 2014 – on going
  • Teacher of courses and workshops in physical theatre methods (Tadashi Suzuki and Viewpoints), for instance at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. 1998 – on going

CLIENTS 2015 – 2016 (a selection)

Royal Dramatic Theatre, UN Women Bangladesh, Swedish Institute, Lynx Asset Management, Lärarförbundet, Forum för levande historia, Hyper Island, NATO/SHAPE.


To date, I worked in 30 countries globally ranging from Afghanistan and Ukraine, to Egypt and the USA.

I had work produced at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, the Istanbul Theatre Biennale and in the parliaments of the EU, Ukraine, Sweden and Serbia, as well as in villages, town halls, universities, churches and in The Library of Alexandria.

My work has been featured in international media, have a peek here.


Hedda och Seven – om en konstnär, ett internationellt projekt och kvinnors rättigheter.


Hedda comments on the Stanford rape for PRI.




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